Moodily provides customers with 4 different tiered pricing plans.  

  • Free Forever 
  • Freelancer
  • Professional
  • Team

To upgrade your subscription for the first time:

  1. Login to your Moodily account
  2. Click the settings cog in the top right-hand corner of the screen
  3. Select "Upgrade Account"
  4. Choose your desired plan
  5. Choose your desired payment interval (monthly or annually)
  6. Click "Upgrade My Account"
  7. Enter payment details (don't worry we don't store your credit card information)
  8. Confirm your purchase
  9. Enjoy!

Once you initiate the process of upgrading you will automatically be charged the full amount of the plan you selected.  If you selected an annual payment option, your card will be charged the full year plan price.

Upgrading OR downgrading your account after initial upgrade

If you see the need to upgrade or downgrade your account after you've initially upgraded you can do this by simply visiting the Billing & Subscriptions tab in your user settings drop-down or tab bar, and clicking on "Change Subscription" button.  This will display a list of plans, with an indicator of your current plan.

NOTE** Downgrading your plan from a Team account, will automatically delete boards associated with your team. 

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