Adding inspiration to the board is the bloodline of the Moodily service. Here is how to add inspiration to a moodboard that is already created:

  1. Login to Moodily
  2. Navigate to the board you wish to add inspiration to
  3. If the board does not currently have inspiration added, the system will automatically bring you to the board builder view where you can start adding pre-defined search terms to query
  4. If the board currently has inspiration already added, and you wish to add more, simply click the "Add Inspiration" button in the top right-hand corner of your screen. 
  5. Click on "Add Element(s) to open the elements panel to start selecting elements
  6. Add as many search terms you want
  7. Click on "Set Elements" button to start seeing inspiration
  8. To add inspiration, click the green plus. To skip and move to the next one, click the red X
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