Collaborators are a big part of the Moodily app, and they can help you gather inspiration for the project you are working on together. Collaborators are not available in the Free Forever plan, however, they are included in all other plans.

To add collaborators to a board:

  1. Login to Moodily
  2. Navigate to the board you wish to add collaborators to 
  3. Click the Green "+" at the top of the screen next to the collaborator list
  4. Choose from the available collaborators in the list or send a new invitation to a collaborator through email

To resend an invite to a collaborator:

  1. Login to Moodily
  2. Navigation to the board where the collaborator was invited to
  3. Click their avatar in the collaborator list in the top project bar
  4. Click "Resend Invite" 
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